About Enlighten Yoga & Meditation

Every moment is an opportunity for awakening...

May we gently let go of our “stories” when we are ready to.

May we trust that our moments of suffering are where we develop our greatest source of wisdom.

May we learn how to develop genuine trust in our minds and bodies.

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My name is Cara Calibaba, and I am the founder of Enlighten Yoga & Meditation.

*Educator* Meditator* Speaker* Student*

I pursued a career as an educator with the intention of helping others, especially kids, to feel safe, to be nourished and inspired, and to belong. As an elementary school teacher, I saw the need to incorporate holistic healing practices with a focus on the mind and body connection. I observed that so many kids suffered from behavioural issues and the inability to cope with overwhelming emotions. I recognized these same patterns in myself; my students were my mirror and some of my greatest teachers. As I began to connect with my students on a deeper level, and saw the positive impact that present-moment awareness & self-regulation practice had on their ability to learn, adapt, and create, I knew my teaching career was forever changed.

In my own body, I stored the legacies of trauma and addiction that impacted generations of my family. My habitual patterns were a self-perpetuating loop of self-sabotage, guilt, fear and anxiety. Through an immersion of practice in India & Bali, mentorship & training in Victoria, BC, and continued dharma studies, I have learned that yoga and meditation are tools in awakening our lives and connections. Through regular practice and becoming intimate with pain and joy, we can create clarity, peace, and stability of the mind (even on the days that it feels impossible to do so).

My intention is to make the sacred teachings of yoga and meditation accessible for kids, teens, adults, families and educators. Both my individual and group instruction are rooted in helping my clients to develop trust in the stability, clarity and peace that are  innately within us all. I specialize in supporting youth with anxiety, autism, and learning challenges, and regularly collaborate with registered clinical counsellors, school teachers and learning consultants to help my clients and their families.

In addition to teaching yoga and meditation in the school district, I also design and deliver personalized curriculum, host in-school workshops for students and educators, and have delivered presentations provincially, nationally and internationally on mindfulness strategies, compassion practices and somatic awareness.

With the support of my growing client base, I’ve established the annual Enlighten Educator Scholarship to provide funding for school teachers to access courses in mindfulness and practices to improve overall well-being.


  • Bachelor of Education - University of Regina

  • Certified British Columbia Teaching Certificate

  • 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher - Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

  • 300 hour (in-progress) Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga - Ajna Yoga College

  • Yoga, Trauma & Mental Health- Ajna Yoga College

  • Circle of Courage Training - Reclaiming Youth International

  • Response Abilities Pathways Training - Reclaiming Youth International