Kids and teens can face high levels of stress and are confronted with constant distraction. Mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation can offer a space for calming, gaining clarity, and focus. Through guided instruction, your child will gain tools to support self-regulation, self-compassion and resiliency.

Yoga & Meditation for Kids & Teens Include:

-Free 20 minute initial consultation (phone or in person).

-Yoga sequences based on your child’s specific physical, mental & emotional needs.

-Breathing techniques for self-regulation.

-Specific mindfulness techniques to use in daily life.


-Suggested home practice support.

-Regular correspondence to parents regarding the sessions & on-going support /resources from Cara.

I teach out of Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre, an award-winning clinic nestled amidst the trees of Cordova Bay.


“I enjoy my sessions with Cara because she always makes me feel comfortable.
She asks me how I am feeling in my body, and then teaches me poses to release the tense areas.  After my session,I feel calm and peaceful.”