Shawna Wood is the deserving recipient of The 2018-2019 Enlighten Educator Scholarship


Shawna is a Grade 1/ 2 teacher at Quadra Elementary school in Victoria, BC. She is passionate about finding ways to support her diverse set of students learn to self-regulate, develop healthy relationships and engage with the curriculum.

She has explored her own personal practice in yoga and meditation and has began to embody the value of being mindful.  "I am truly amazed at how I am able to calm my mind and be mindful of my reactions during times of stress. There are a million little interactions within each school day which can induce stress but being mindful helps me maintain a sense of calm. I give my whole heart to the students in my class both in the classroom and when I take their stories home with me at night. Without my personal practice, I know I would be overwhelmed with compassion fatigue and empathic distress."

Shawna intends to use the funds to support her personal journey as well as learn ways to teach primary aged students mindfulness. She plans to enrol in The Mindful Educator Essentials course thorough She will also be attending a day long yoga retreat offered through Bloom Yoga Victoria as well as a meditation class through Tall Tree Integrated Health.

Shawna, thank you for gracing the school system with your authenticity, curiosity, knowledge & dedication. You are leading the way for so many...


Congratulations to Lisa Baylis for being the recipient of The Enlighten Educator Scholarship for the 2017-2018 school year! 

Lisa is a full-time high school counsellor and teacher at Esquimalt High. Within this role, she sees highly vulnerable students and staff who are struggling daily to exist in our school system. She also teaches an eight-week mindfulness class to every grade nine student at Esquimalt High. 

She is a facilitator for a course called Mindfulness for Educators where teachers gain a foundational mindful practice for themselves, subsequently bringing mindfulness back into their classrooms. With support, she has trained over 120 educators between two school districts in Victoria, BC.

Lisa has also recently founded an emerging organization called AWE (Awaken Wellbeing for Educators) which hosts retreats that restore and nourish educator wellbeing through self-care practices such as journaling, meditation, collaboration and yoga. 

Her most important job however is being a Mom to Benji and Gracie who remind her daily the practice of being present, leading with love and acting with kindness.

Lisa will be using the $1000 to deepen her practice by becoming a qualified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher. She will be traveling to Seattle, Washington and Joshua Tree, California to study with Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff.

Lisa, thank you for your commitment and vision. You are leading the way...


Congratulations to Grace Leigh for being the recipient of The Enlighten Educator Scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year. 

Grace is a teacher at Vic High, who not only created but proposed a, ‘Yoga for Mindfulness’ curriculum for Grade 10, 11 & 12. This curriculum was recently approved by the school board and she will begin teaching the course in September 2017. It is a 4-credit course that students can apply toward their high school graduation requirements. 

Grace will be using the funds from The Enlighten Educator Scholarship to deepen her current Yoga Teacher Training with a 300 Hour Training at Ajna Yoga Studio in Victoria, BC. Through this particular training, Grace plans to explore workshops titled, ‘Yoga, Trauma and Mental Health’ and ‘This is your Brain on Yoga’. 

Grace shares, “ I believe courses like these would help me to empathize with my students with mental health battles and find better ways to connect with them."

Grace, you are a reminder that courage, patience and persistence can create change. Thank you for nourishing yourself with learning so you can share this knowledge with others. Keep sharing. We are listening.