My intention is to make yoga and meditation practices accessible for kids, teens, adults, families and educators. Both my individual and group instruction are rooted in helping my clients to develop trust in the stability, clarity and peace that are  innately within us all. I specialize in supporting the following populations:

  • Kids & teens with anxiety and or special learning needs

  • Youth & parent(s)

  • Families who want to explore movement and mindfulness together 

  • Adults looking for a community of practice

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“I have been enjoying Cara’s Hatha yoga classes at Tall Tree now for about a year. I have tried many different yoga styles over the years. Some have been a good fit while others were not. Cara’s class is a very good balance of strength and stretch, with enough “workout”  and rest . Cara immediately made me feel at ease with her quiet calm nature and her exceptional verbal queuing. I have discovered that regular yoga practice helps me deal with the stresses of day to day challenges  much better.  I am feeling stronger physically and some of the nagging shoulder and back issues I have had in the past are lessened. My strength and flexibility continues to improve along with my overall sense of well being. While still learning ( always it appears!)  yoga even after many years I am inspired to continue with Cara and to grow and learn more about my own practice and exercise of mind and body. Thank you!”