Time, space, self-reflection, and contemplation are essential for educators. The Enlighten Scholarship is a fund to bring awareness, support, and encouragement towards educator's overall well-being.

Teaching communities that are encouraged to cultivate mindfulness practices are ultimately more equipped to honour both their students and their profession from a place of unconditional compassion.  

Each year, The Enlighten Scholarship grants $1,000 to an educator or educational assistant to use towards a workshop, course, or retreat dedicated to deepening his or her own practices in mindfulness, somatic awareness and compassion practices.

Enlighten Yoga Meditation

This scholarship is intended to provide financial support and time to one BC School Teacher or Educational Assistant per year. This is an opportunity to expand his or her personal and professional development surrounding mindful education and overall health and wellness.

Whether it is a specific training, certification, conference or retreat, The Enlighten Educator Scholarship will help provide financial assistance.

** Please note the training or retreat you choose does not have to take place during the 2018-2019 school year. You can use the funds in the following calendar year. As well, you are welcome to choose a combination of courses/ retreats that interest you that equal to the allotted amount.**